BCGL / Boston Community Garden Leaders
A place for those who volunteer to help run/organize/coordinate community gardens in Boston to share ideas with each other. We have to have similar issues, problems and solutions that we can share!
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For graduates of Binghamton Central High School - January and June 1971
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A community forum for members of Brooklyn Creative League.
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BCLibIT / IT in BC Libraries
A group dedicated to discussions of IT issues faced in and by libraries in BC
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BCOAborzoifinders / BCOA Borzoi Finders
This is a private /closed list for approved applications made by BCOA member borzoi breeders. Although we do have a couple of requirements for joining the list, there is no way to screen all breeders and rescuers. Though every attempt will be made to include all responsible breeders that agree with and adhere to the breeding guidelines put forth by BCOA, see
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BConnectedVT / B Connected Vermont
Collaboration group for both existing and aspiring BCorps within the State of Vermont
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BDAC-RG / BDAC- Radio Group
Boscombe Down Aircraft collection Radio Group Members
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BEARONS - Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Operators North Society
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A discussion group for railroad enthusiasts modelling the Swiss meter-gauge scene in either HOm (12mm gauge track) or HOe (9mm gauge track), using equipment offered by Bemo, Ferro Suisse, D+R, Sommerfeldt and others. Topics discussed include the numerous prototype narrow gauge companies in Switzerland; Rhätische Bahn (RhB), Furka-Oberalp (FO), Brig-Visp-Zermatt (BVZ), Montreux-Oberland-Bernois (M...
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Bartiméus Informatie Technologie voor en door mensen die slechtziend of blind zijn. Testen van toegankelijkheid en gebruiksvriendelijkheid van zowel software als hardware producten.
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This group exists for constructors of the various BITX projects, to discuss all aspects of the design and construction including problems, components, modifications and experiences using the rigs.
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BLCPropertyCommission / BLC Property Commission
Communication about maintaining the property of Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 1300 St. Francis Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95409
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Job postings and employment announcements for Baywood Learning Centers and related companies supporting alternative education.
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The South Texas Balloon Launch Team has been launching Amateur-Radio payloads to the edge of space since 1990. This is our forum to discuss past, current and future projects and launches.
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This list is intended to promote the exchange of information regarding the Boston & Maine Railroad and its corporate predecessors. Appropriate historical and modeling topics consist of, but are not limited to, equipment, operations, stationary plant, and personnel.
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BNSP / Boreal National Ski Patrol
This is the site for the Boreal National Ski Patrol @ Boreal Ridge Ski Area.
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BNlist / BN List
This List is dedicated to the discussion of the Burlington Northern Railroad from its formation in 1970 until its demise as an independent corporation in 1995. We will allow discussions on the various predecessor roads, as well as topics on modeling and prototype items; but we will not allow topics that cover current operations on the BNSF or its successors. If you have, as personal property, Burl...
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BORHSArchives / The B&O Railroad Historical Society Archives Group
This moderated group was formed to facilitate communication and research regarding the activities related to the B&O Railroad Historical Society Archives. General discussion regarding B&O Research is quite welcome. Discussions about models of B&O equipment are welcome so long as there is some research aspect being discussed. This group is not focused on reviews of new products or model...
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BP / Battery Power
Battery Powered Radio Controlled Model Locomotives. Please go to
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BPHA / BPHA Members Site
Bill's Point Homeowners Association Members Group. This group site is the internet home of the BPHA. It is for the benefit of BPHA members only. BPHA documents (bylaws, covenants, and other documents related to the Association, records of past meetings, etc.) may be seen by clicking the "Files" tab in the left side bar. Official BPHA communications are sent out to members from this sit...
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