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A discussion and planning group for participants in Yolo Audubon's bi-weekly phenology study at Audubon California's Bobcat Ranch in Winters, CA.


Every two weeks we walk a prescribed course through the Bobcat Ranch and record bird species, including their number and their behavior. The study was started in 2016. Traditionally done every-other Thursday, we are adding the occasional Saturday in order to be able to include more participants.

New phenologists are welcome.

  1. Basic bird id skills would be helpful, but don't worry, you will be working with experienced birders. 
  2. The ability to walk a 2-mile course, which includes uneven terrain and several hundred feet of elevation gain and descent, is required. There are some short but moderately-steep uphill and downhill sections. One particularly productive area we survey is at a natural spring; the ground can be wet.
  3. Being able to commit to one or two sessions every two months, if possible.
  4. We carpool from Davis around sunrise on the mornings of the survey. (That's pretty early in the summer but helps us to beat the heat and to count birds when they are most active.)
  5. The survey usually runs about 3 hours on average.

Unless there is compelling reason to postpone the survey (fire, VERY inclement weather), we stick to our established schedule.


This is a great opportunity to have access to an otherwise not-often-open-to-the-public property and to participate in a valuable citizen-science data gathering project.


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