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Adult collaborative writing group based in our own version of the future of the Marvel Universe - 
Somewhere in the future, mutants have been deemed too dangerous to be allowed in society without strict monitoring and registration. For profit companies and facilities have sprung up everywhere to give a simple solution to a new problem and are working with and without government backing. The X-Men have had to go underground, appearing only when they are needed. Some have become part of the Resistance. Others have set up a Mutant Underground - a way to help new mutants find a safe life.  Our focus for this group will be writing original characters who have found their way to a specific underground location in Northern California.

What is happening in the group: We've had to put this group on hold for now since our other pursuits have taken over and we did not have enough interest to keep things moving...
Holding the group in case we can come back to it in the future. 

Timeframe in the group: Maybe 30 years in the future... 

Our new group: https://xmenlegacies.groups.io
Our Advertising/Social Group: https://groups.io/g/indyfanwriters 


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