This group is devoted to supporting users of XFOIL.

XFOIL is an interactive program for the design and analysis of subsonic isolated airfoils.
It consists of a collection of menu-driven routines which perform various useful functions such as:

    •    Viscous (or inviscid) analysis of an existing airfoil, allowing
    ◦    forced or free transition
    ◦    transitional separation bubbles
    ◦    limited trailing edge separation
    ◦    lift and drag predictions just beyond CLmax
    ◦    Karman-Tsien compressibility correction
    ◦    fixed or varying Reynolds and/or Mach numbers
    •    Airfoil design and redesign by interactive modification of surface speed distributions, in two methods:
    ◦    Full-Inverse method, based on a complex-mapping formulation
    ◦    Mixed-Inverse method, an extension of XFOIL's basic panel method
    •    Airfoil redesign by interactive modification of geometric parameters such as
    ◦    max thickness and camber, highpoint position
    ◦    LE radius, TE thickness
    ◦    camber line via geometry specification
    ◦    camber line via loading change specification
    ◦    flap deflection
    ◦    explicit contour geometry (via screen cursor)
    •    Blending of airfoils
    •    Writing and reading of airfoil coordinates and polar save files
    •    Plotting of geometry, pressure distributions, and multiple polars

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