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Welcome to the Google Group "WyoDivOps" of the Wyoming Division HO Layout. This Group is meant to replace the Yahoo Group by the same name. The new Group.io will be used to manage invitations for monthly operating sessions, critiques of them, and as a forum to discuss each session as desired. To join you must be an model railroad operator or interested in trying the operations part of model railroading, and you must be approved by the Group owner. So write me at wyodivops@gmail.com about your self and your interest in operations. Without that, I will not approve you.

Operations on the Wyoming Division are meant to simulate the operations of the Union Pacific in 1957 from Cheyenne to Ogden over Sherman Hill, across Wyoming, and over the Wasatch Mountains down into Ogden. The operating method uses my own unique Four Card Single Move system, which is very simple to learn and maintain. The layout is very large (Approximately 5,300 feet of HO track in a 50 x 75 square foot building built especially for the railroad). Because the layout is so large, and the operating system is so simple, the layout is ideal to get started in model railroad operations (ops). The regular monthly sessions run about 7 hours with from 25 to 50 modelers operating at once, so a wide variety of railroad jobs are available every session, and hence require a wide range of skills. No new operator should be inhibited in trying his hand at operations on the Wyoming Division, and experienced operators, even very experienced ones, are welcome. We will find a job that is just right for you, and you can start out operating with a mentor.

We have a few youngsters and ladies that operate regularly with us. When you join us in a session, you will see that they are darned good operators, and more are welcome to join us.

You must be approved by the layout owner to join this Group. This is mainly so he can maintain an email list of members in case this Group disappears, and non-operators probably will not be interested in it anyway.


See my website at http://wyomingdivision.org/  for full information about the layout, the operating system (it's nifty), photos of it, and recent progress (currently all track is laid, ABS signals are operating, and scenery has been started.


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