Pintle mounted mast crutch cross with Trailer lights


Hi All, to prevent "drowning" the trailer lights & wiring at every outing, whenever I get a "new" sailboat, I make a rudder pintle Mast crutch "cross" for it.
If the boat came with a crutch, then I attach an oak 1x3 board on it to hold the trailer lights at eye level by "bolts & wing nuts" that holds the tail lights
under the transom gunwale line to keep the lights protected from highway wind.

When launching the boat, I step the mast, remove the crutch-cross with all wiring & stow it into the tow vehicle before the boat/trailer enter the water.
This has preserved my "trailer lights" for years without any corrosion and bulb issues like when they were dunked underwater on the trailer frame.
It also allows emergency use to mount as temp trailer lighting for any other trailer without lights.

cheers all and HVD!

On Sunday, February 5, 2023, 12:55:22 PM CST, Ian Coulson <coulsonian@...> wrote:

Hi Amgine, I agree.  

It a design for the UK market where drivers carry a trailer light and number/license plate set up on a wide wooden board (easily removed for storage), rather than having the plate affixed to the bottom of a boat trailer as is the norm this side of the pond.