Paperwork done, "Par le vent" will be for sale soon.


I am currently over-boated (3), so I am regretfully putting Par le vent up for sale.

The boat is a 2001 WWP-19, with a trailer and outboard, hull number 1268. I have had her for 3 seasons, but last year she did not get off her trailer at all. This year I am doing all the work I should have done last year, plus some updates/repairs/replacements.

@Alternativefueler motivated me to finally get the paperwork on the trailer finished and legal. The boat is Registered in Canada, which is like Documented in the USA - it eases crossing the border issues, and provides a solid boat title history. Par le vent's registry number is 843465. Which means this boat is an especially good option for a Canadian sailor, on the left coast. (Vancouver Island, to be specific.)

But I also wanted to show one of the nicer mods a PO did to her hull.

So, what is that weather-proof hatch doing at the aft end of the cockpit? I am so glad you asked. Inside that hatch you see a spot to stow random small junk. But, if you stick your head in and look up...

Yes, relatively easy access to the winch. Which is why I have no excuse for not yet doing the dyneema conversion. <sigh>

Anyway. The more projects I get done (like updating those waterproof speakers since I put a foot into the portside one) the higher the price will get.