4 changes that made WWP15 point 10degrees higher

John B Dougherty

At ~60 lbs a 4hp 4 stroke long shaft is definitely too heavy for the WWP 15.
Add a 3 gallon tank and my own svelte figure wrangling the two at the stern and it's just not pretty at all.

The extra weight really impares mobility, even under power with sails furled.

I'm almost finished setting up a box forward of the mast compression post inside the cabin for
two Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) – Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries.
That will put 62 lbs of battery forward of the mast.

I'll be hanging a conventional transom-mount electric trolling motor off the outboard bracket. Power routed under the cockpit and out through a liquid-tight strain relief mounted in a 8" inspection hatch installed in the transom.

Seriously sage advice.  Thank you.