reminder: Wines of South Australia, June 11, 2019

Susan Gartner



Come join us for some lovely wines from South Australia, ideal for a summer barbecue.  


In addition to the famous Barossa Valley we will visit wines from Limestone Coast and McLaren Vale.


South Australia is the largest and best known wine growing region in Australia.  This region has  a diverse climate and a variety of soil types (sand, clay, terra rossa and limestone) which offer the opportunity to grow a wide range of grapes.


We will begin with a delicious Chardonnay followed by two Cabernets, one Cab from McLaren Vale and one from the Limestone Coast.  The tasting will continue with two excellent Shiraz, one from the Limestone Coast and one from the Barossa Valley. 


The comparison of the two Cabs and the two Shiraz will offer the chance to taste the same grape grown in different regions.  


The wines may inspire folks to plan a special barbecue celebrating summer in true Australian fashion.


We were able to find some nice discounts from Total Wine and this class will be a $20 tasting.   The wines will be accompanied by crusty baguettes and select cheeses from Calvert Woodley.


Pease note that this week’s tasting will be held in the cafeteria.  


I look forward to experiencing a glimpse of South Australia with you on Tuesday.




Susan Gartner

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