Last Seminar this Year - Greek Wines!

Howard Jeffrey Bender

Next Tuesday is the last class before our summer break and we have a treat for you. Class member Mari Clarke will be the presenter. She is very knowledgeable about Greek wines and foods, having lived there at one time. Below is her description of the class. This is one you won't want to miss!

Join us for a trip to the Greek islands sampling indigenous varietals carefully crafted into fine wines by outstanding winemakers recommended by Sotiris Bafitis who has guided us on previous Greek tastings. These are wonderful wines for your summer entertaining. We begin in the Omala valley on Cephalonia, an Ionian island on the West Coast of Greece, with Robola -- a light refreshing white wine produced by the Wine Cooperative of Cephalonia. We move to the east of Greece, in the Cyclades, to the volcanic island of Santorini a taste of Karmolegos Assyrtiko -with intense vibrant flavors full of minerality and acidity. Next, we go to nearby Paros for Moriatis Estate Rose made from the Aidani Mavro grape. Our last stop is in Crete for two very different and delicious reds. Douloufakis Dafnios, from Dafnes, south of Heraklion, is made from Liatiko, an ancient varietal exported by Venetian traders in the middle ages. The final wine is Lyrarakis Mandilaria from Alagni also south of Heraklion. Each wine will be paired with a Greek meze (appetizer) including spanakopita, shrimp, Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber dip), feta cheese, Greek salad, soudzkakia (meat balls), and pita bread. This is our last tasting until we meet again in September so join us to celebrate the beginning of summer. Come early and come hungry. We usually fill all the tables for this annual event.