WWARA Dec 04 Meeting Agenda and Zoom Call Info

Kenny Richards

The last WWARA meeting of the year is this Saturday at 19:00 PST. The agenda and Zoom meeting information is included below.

While the agenda is fairly short, but there are three important new business items to vote on.
  • As part of the ongoing DNR discussion, I am proposing adoption of a 5cm band plan. (version in the agenda) With a published band plan, it will be possible for the WWARA to issue coordinations for HamWAN sectors, which is a requirement for access to DNR sites under the amateur radio program. The band plan is fairly simple, it only identifies known activity in the area. The logic is that expanding it when there is additional use cases is easier/smarter than trying to 'guess' how something would use it in the future.
  • Board of Director Elections - The four named positions (Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) and two of the four general board positions (#2 and #4) will be voted. The secretary position is still vacant and there is no nominee right now. This is one of the most important roles on the board and we are looking for volunteers.
  • Scheduling the meetings for 2022 - We will be looking for feedback if continuing at 7PM (1900) is still a good time or should we revert back to the traditional 10am time on Saturdays? (or alternate?)
Kenny, KU7M
Agenda: Link
Zoom Call: Link 
  • Zoom Meeting ID: 852 0938 0289
    Meeting Passcode: 120421