locked Re: Minutes for March 2, 2019 Meeting Posted

Randy Neals

Hi Frank,

I believe what I proposed was a monitoring tool that provides data which highlights well utilized and under-utilized repeaters, and provides data to the community to inform a dialog/next steps.

"Taking away" is always difficult, so flip this around and use activity monitoring to hand out a higher level of coordination recognition - Let's call it "Enhanced Coordination" for the sake of this paragraph.
The council sets a standard of average monthly activity, and any repeater that exceeds that X monthly over Y months is deemed to receive an "Enhanced Coordination"

The benefits of Enhanced Coordination could be as minimal as a special designator on the frequency list, but it could also (Through a policy change) reflect a higher priority for interference protection because of the activity level, and associated service to the amateur community from that use.

I can't see too many negatives with recognizing highly utilized repeaters, and potentially holding their coordinations at a higher priority.


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