locked Re: Minutes for March 2, 2019 Meeting Posted

Randy Neals

Following this with interest...

Wondering if this should not be an entire West Coast consultation and plan development as topography more than state lines affect VHF/UHF propagation.
Everyone west of the mountains / the I-5 Corridor is in the same VHF/UHF propagation region and is interrelated north-south.
To that extent, a consistent standard across the west that harmonizes the approach to channel bandwidth, assignment and policies could well be in the best interest of amateur radio.

With appropriate engagement of inland coordinators as well.

Burien, WA

On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 10:24 AM Kenny Richards <kenny@...> wrote:

Please share, just remind people that it was a proposal and meant to kick start the discussion, not the final plan. :-)  There were two critical missing points brought up during the meeting and will be the focus of the working group to address over the next couple months. (The exact channel plan being one of them) Another point that came up during the meeting that I didn't call out was trying to align our neighbor coordination bodies with the plan once we have a proposal that seems to work. ORCC and BC were specifically called out, but IACC would certainly be invited as well. So I'm glad you are reaching out pro-actively. :-)

Having regular sync up of WWARA and ORCC working groups would be great. 


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