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Frank Wolfe


I don't think WWARA has any problem with your sharing the information. It was presented during our last quarterly meeting. Those meetings are open to the public, and we have always wanted input from repeater-owners and repeater-users, as well as the rest of the Amateur community.

I don't want to speak for Kenny, or steal his ideas, but his presentation did bring our focus onto next steps. Our creation of the ten "new" narrow-band channels has punted this question down the field (about a decade from when we adopted them), giving us some breathing room, but we all see the transition to narrow-band (almost entirely digital) platforms as the "next big thing". We also appreciate that the rate of change is accelerating, and will overtake us before we are really ready for it.

It is imperative that we work together to minimize conflict at the border between our two areas. That means sharing ideas, both what we see as working, and what is not.

I'm looking forward to SeaPac and a chance to toss some ideas around...


Frank, NM7R
Chair, WWARA

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Do you mind if I share your narrow band considerations with the ORRC board?  It would be nice to start some regular meetings between the two boards if at all possible and see if we can find some common ground on this area.  I’d like to share what you put together with our board so we can keep in the loop if you don’t mind.



Daron N7HQR

Chairman, ORRC


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I posted the minutes from the March 2 meeting to the file section here and on the WWARA website.

In addition to the meeting minutes, I also attached a copy of a proposal I wrote for how the WWARA could transition from 20kHz channels to narrowband (either 12.5kHz and/or 6.25kHz) channels. This question has been a regular topic during board meetings for the last nine months and the last couple general membership meetings. 

One of the points raised on Saturday was the 'voting' membership has declined in the WWARA over the last couple years. This isn't really a concern from a financial point of view, the group has plenty of funds. But it also means we have a much small number of repeater owners and users taking part in the governance of the group. As we start discussing the a major transition for the repeater sub-band in Washington, it would really be beneficial to have more voices apart of the discussion.

If you don't normally pay much attention to the WWARA because the leadership is doing a good job, now is a good time to start checking in. Please reach out to me if you are interested in helping develop the proposal for how the WWARA will transition to narrowband channels.

Kenny, KU7M
WWARA Secretary

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