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The Southern Section of the Country Cousins Net is a group of amateur radio operators that meets nightly on or near 3970 khz at approximately 9:00 PM Eastern  Standard Time, or immediately upon the conclusion of the Eye Bank Net This Net was founded in the fall of 1963 by a small group of amateur radio operators led by Dr. Leroy Harris.   The object of the Net was to help the less fortunate in their time of need.  The Net has a great history of doing so throughout the years.  When possible the Net will strive to continue that tradition.  It is also an objective of this Net to foster the spirit of good fellowship and high ideals among our members and all amateur radio operators with whom we come in contact.


We are not a traffic handling Net, but we will handle any emergency traffic without delay.  


· Chairman WA3ZRV Fred Moreland

·  Phone: 302-988-1438 Email:

· President KR4HN Dick Sharp

       ·  Phone: 904-879-6762 Email:

· 1st VP and Net Manager KG4LFY - John Whittaker

· 2nd VP and Project Mgr - WB0NEX - Jim Thompson

· Secretary/Treasurer N3EKW Carl Beck

·  Phone: 704-765-6092 Email:

· Chaplain KE4IGZRobert Lear
· Asst Chaplain - KG4LFY - John Whittaker

Country Cousin of the Year  KE4IGZ - Robert Lear

Net Controls

· Monday         WB9SGK   Doug Dunker

· Tuesday         W8CXU     Frank Prager

· Wednesday   WW4A       Dan  Stamper

· Wednesday   KG4LFY    John Whitaker

· Thursday       KR4HN     Dick Sharp     

· Friday            Open 

· Saturday       Open

· Sunday          WA3ZRV   Fred Moreland 


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