Thanks John for the reminder!!  I also have a Palstar tuner (the BTA1500 ladder-line-only double-L network variety) and cleaning the roller inductors kinda keeps falling to the bottom of my priority list.  You convinced me to move it to the top.

73 de Jeff KQ7I

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So during the the last rtty contest I did I had some problems with my at4k antenna tuner. I had some arching inside I thought on the roller inductor so needless to say I have a new at4k tunner.  As for the old one I found where the problem was pics included....to much rf !!!🤓🤓
But in the process of making a new part and put back into service ...my another station setup 🤔🤔 ... Just thought I would share this maintenance tidbit...caught me off guard....73 have fun..