Ducks on the Air meeting TODAY @ 5:30 p.m. (with itinerary)

Scott Rosenfeld


Ducks on the Air meeting MARCH 21st (equinox)
5:30 pm Pacific on Zoom AND IN PERSON!!!

Zoom meeting is via zoom. See link below.

In-person meeting is in the radio room at Cascade Annex, adjacent to Onyx Bridge and Onyx parking lot. Feel free to show up a little early if you need to spend some time finding it.

The building is labeled "Cascade Annex" and there's a 
Ducks on the Air 
banner in the north corner window.


  • Upcoming duck hunts, etc.
  • License class coming up over Spring Break!
  • CQ WPX SSB operation THIS WEEKEND!
  • SEA-PAC (June 2-4)
  • 7th Area QSO Party (May 6-7)
  • NASA Astronaut guest (Hopefully...April 18)
  • Kenwood 710 overview
  • Shack status
  • Antenna plans
  • Student outreach
  • Weekly on-air net update
  • Other stuff

How to get there...

Meeting ID: 969 9759 8307
Passcode: 436536

Visitors are most welcome! 
Please spread the word.
Bring a friend!


Ducks on the Air N7DUX
Ham radio club at the U of O