7th area qsl bureau

Jim Cassidy

Al, I think you took on the Bureau from Marc and greatly enhanced it further.  Marc had done a lot of food improvement during his manager time. 
My opinion is that the bureau overall is in really good shape.  Both of you deserve a lot of credit for how well the bureau now functions.

And the R section issue is certainly a fluke sort of thing and could not be foreseen.  I think one additional information could be required from section workers, that of a contact when something like this takes place.  I am thinking either a family member or even a really close ham that would be able to assist in recovery of the bureau assets.

73 KI7Y

On Wed, Mar 22, 2023 at 9:08 AM ALLEN LEWEY <ALEWEY@...> wrote:

The “R” Section is an issue that needs to be resolved.  Most of the emails from users of the bureau over the past year had been about the “R” Section.  I do not want to resolve this issue in a manner that is disrespectful to anyone.  However it appears that changes need to be made here. And from my position it needs to be done soon.


I understand that I am the Bureau Manager.  However the WVDXC is the sponsor of this function.  As such I am looking for direction and support in resolving the issue.


Other sections are in need of change as well.  At this time there are 4 sections that need to be transferred to new managers.  I am working on that with those that wish to retire as a section manager


I believe we should have a formal discussion  of the 7th area QSL bureau and how it is managed.  This could be as officers only or at club meeting.  Areas of interest that I believe should be considered are listed below.  These may be discussed at different times if it appears that it could be a lengthy process.


  • Incoming funds
    • Receiving funds
    • SASE’s
    • Transferring funds to section managers
    • Accounting for use of funds
    • Accessibility of funds
      • Bank accounts
      • Recovery of funds
    • Liability of those handling funds
  • Incoming QSL cards
    • Receiving of incoming cards
    • Pre-sort of cards
    • Distribution of cards to Section managers
    • Selection of Section managers
  • Recovery of Section(s) in unfortunate circumstances
    • Funds
    • Records
    • QSL cards
    • Physical assets


Gentlemen,  As 7th Area Incoming QSL Bureau Manager, I have tried to make it as easy as possible for Section Managers to perform their tasks while maintain an accountability of the funds and cards that we handle.  When a section changes hands I have cleaned it up and handed it over to the new manager in what I have hoped is a well organized and efficient operation. I hope this effort has been acceptable to you



Allen Lewey K7ABL

7th Area QSL Bureau Manager
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