2023 Pacific NW DX Convention

Al Rovner, K7AR

Hi all this is a reminder that the 2023 Pacific NW DX Convention is being held Aug 11-13, 2023 in New Westminster, BC and is hosted by the Orca DX and Contest Club.  The Orca guys do an excellent job hosting the convention and it's a great chance to meet with friends and talk about DX.

Please visit the web site at https://pacificnwdxconvention.com to register and get more details.

For those club members that are relatively new, this convention has been held every summer since 1955 (except for 2020 and 2021). The convention is sponsored by, and rotates among, 4 DX clubs in the Northwest.  This includes the Western Washington DX Club, Willamette Valley DX Club, Spokane DX Association, and Orca DX and Contest Club.  Yours truly has been the chairman of the Portland convention since 1990.

Let's support our Orca friends and have a nice time in August.

Al, K7AR