WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

Stu C

After dabling with WSL I decided to see if wsprdaemon would install and run under Win 10 pro VM with Ubuntu 20.04.
The answer is it does install and run but here I did not have great success uploading spots.

Long story short, don't try unless you have a specific reason, or are happy to lose an hour or two.

The issue here was that as I was seeing no spots while it was hitting the CPU hard, to the point of difficulty using Win10, I decided to stop wsprdaemon but it didn't like to stop (usual -z) might just have been CPU but it seemed to lock. In the end I terminated the WSL ubuntu and set it to not run in the background *.

I went back to the other Ubuntu VM but the Kiwi's were showing the wrong IP (the one I just stopped) a few network checks and switch reboots later I realised (*) Win 10 had fired up another WSL instance and even though I had renamed conf file (.c0nf) it was running in the background (cached service?) grabbing the slots before the real Ubuntu could get them. I'm not 100% I didn't have two instances of the same Ubuntu running at once, if that is even possible.

I'm only posting this as a cautionary tale, it does install but the WSL overhead seems to be quite heavy and it is a bit harder to tame.

For someone locked to Windows who wants to try a few wsprdaemon slots on physical Win10 it might be fine, I expect the reporting issue was a network problem which should be fixable.

Merry Christmas to all