Rob Robinett

I have created this group to communicate with users of my Wsprdaemon (WD) WSPR recording program.
See www.wsprdaemon.org for details about installing and using WD and exploring the spot data services associated with it.


Good idea! - welcome...

Currently lots of problems here with my 40m transmissions. The TX-ant shows faults of connection problems - the usual problem how to reliably connect copper(wire) with Aluminium (tubes).
However the current terrible rain/storm weather doesn't permit any antenna service/maintainance at the moment. See you in the evening meeting this wednesday...

Clints latest post in his blog about the kfs receiver equalization filters he has made. is excellent and very useful for many, I think...

Some background, history and theory about such filters can be found at wikipedia also...
Amateurradio is sometimes about very ooold technology... so old that it vergotten...hi

Ulli, ON5KQ