This is not good - All the more reason for distributed services I suppose

Greg Beam <ki7mt01@...>

Just saw this today.

Thankfully, the DB looks to be functional still.


Yeah that was bad luck. I never considered to be important enough to include it in my backups and now it is gone into the cloud forever. The dashboards and the information page are lost.

But I just rewrote the page and will put Grafana back on air soon.

The Database itself is easy to restore in case of loss as long as is available we can just reimport the data.

Rob Robinett

We maintain 3 copies of the site:  

1) is a cloud server maintained by on a Silicon Valley server
2) is a Dell server located in a telco engineering lab in Sacramento California , 200 Km from WD2
3) is a Dell server located in the Hurricane Electric Tier 1 peering point in Fremont California in Silicon Valley

DNS is handled by Google.

So unless all of California burns up or slides in the Pacific Ocean, I think we have a pretty reliable system

Greg Beam <ki7mt01@...>

Disaster recovery / backups are never important until ya need them (been there, done that, lost the data).

I've got a full copy of the WSPRnet dataset also, in multiple locations. Not that I really need to, but, its nice not having to re-download those big files.

I've got data center infrastructure on Azure and AWS in multiple zones also. It's costly to have and maintain, but, it's there when the lights go out in a zone.