QST - N3AGE Mode Change

Elmer G Musser

Per a request I have switched to ALL FST4W transmissions Mode 5.

The band(s) schedule:


0                   10

5           10

10         15

15         15

20         20

25         20

30         30

35         30

40         40

45         40

50         80

55         80

Rinse repeat


Another transmission system is in construction and will have improvements which should improve antenna performance.  The info retrieved from the test now will be interesting and frequency switching speed (fast and slower) will be done in near future to see if spreading can be reduced even more. 


630M and 2200M to come back this week.  Waiting for weather to pass.  Will verify antenna tuning and then enable the transmissions.  These too will be stabilized but that is a future project.


73’s Elmer/N3AGE