Princeton filtering some IPs - can't directly download WSJT-X

Cathal Ferris

Just as an FYI for some people, that the webserver does not serve traffic to certain IPs or certain IP ranges.

How did I find this out? Guaranteed time outs from my home network trying to access anything on that server. Enabling either my VPN or my utilising a proxy tunnel over SSH to the local University campus network allowed immediate and fast transfer of the pages and the files. I ended up having to set wget_proxy on my Pi with an SSH tunnel to the computer society of my alma mater in order to get the update script working as expected. Once that was done it proceeded without issue.

I have seen reports on the net about others having issues downloading the WSJT-X software for similar reasons. Does anyone know an admin on the server to get a verification that traffic is filtered, and how to get some IP blocks unfiltered?