How to resolve FATAL ERROR: Failed to install 'qt5-default' on RaspberryPi during Wsprdaemon fresh install

Gur Lavie


First time installing Wsprdaemon on raspberryPi, targeting wspr decoding from KiwiSDR.

Keep failing ./ -V on the message :
E: Package 'qt5-default' has no installation candidate
FATAL ERROR: Failed to install 'qt5-default' which is needed to run the 'jt9' copmmand in wsprd V2.3.xxxx

What am I missing ?

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

There is an older message here for the same.

I tried to solve it differently though as it appears that it is not necessary for wsprdaemon

I commented that part out of the install script which seems to work as well.
How: search for the if/fi dpkg qt5-default etc and use # to comment out that complete block

I was left with an Error on not finding libboost-log but still the is completing and doing "something"

Rob Robinett

This discussion stimulated me to resume WD 3.0 installation testing on my Pi4b running bullseye, but of course I immediately encountered the 'missing qt5' problem.

However this thread on the Pi forum led me to install libqt5core5a on bullseye instead of qt5-default :

The ~wsprdaemon/bin/wsprd then ran, so there appears to be workaround I'll put into WD 3.0