How to configure RTL_SDR

Hidehiko Komachi - JA9MAT

I began to install and connect two of RTL_SDR at RaspberryPi 3B+.
I configure wsprdaemon.comf to active two of RTL_SDR and run wsprdaemon correctly.
But nothing seems to happen.

So I check audio devices by "./ -i".
Then the following message returned.

Audio input devices:

**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****


Can't find any audio INPUT devices on this server

I don't understand the configuration about RTL_SDR deeply.
So if there is a sample wsprdaemon.conf file for RTL_SDR ?
Sorry but have no KiwiSDR yet.

73, JA9MAT Hidehiko.

Rob Robinett

Welcome Hidehiko,

The RTL-SDR support in WD V2.x is very experimental and even I haven't used it in many months.
'wd -i' is used with baseband AUDIO input devices which is functional but to use it you will need to attach one or more USB audio input dongles.
In WD v3.x I am adding full support for RTL-SDRs and any other SDRs which have ;SoapyAPI' drivers with the primary goal of having WD support the VHF/UHF bands not supported by the Kiwi. 
However I have foudn that the RTL-SDR drivers tune very inaccurately by WSPR requirements.  When I program a GSPDO driven RTL-SDR to tune up 1 Hz, it may jump up 400 Hz or down 200 Hz. 
I suspect that WSPR users of RTL-SDRs are able to fiddle with their tuning and get WSPR decoding to work, but I haven't been able to find a SW algorithm which can do that tuning adjustment.
So until I (or someone else) finds a way to work around that problem, I don't think RTL-SDRs are going to be useful with WD.


Hidehiko Komachi - JA9MAT

Thanks Rob quickly reply!

OK all about RTL_SDR issues, I will continue to looking for your progress to resolve it.

"Wsprdaemon" is the best for energy saving wspr receiving.

73 and thanks for nice project, JA9MAT Hidehiko.