Hermes Lite v2 10 band receiver back in production - pre order in February !

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

As we apparently have lost the KiWiSDR for new orders, this is some kind of alternative.

It is open source, max 10 bands parallel for digimodes, 5W Tx. Ethernet connected. 

Clock Generator Synchronization

The Hermes-Lite 2.0 main board has two connectors for external clocks on the front panel, CL1 and CL2. CL1 is an input and accepts a clock from a master radio to synchronize two radios. It can also be used potentially as an alternate precision reference clock input. CL2 is an output and generates a master clock to synchronize a slave radio. CL2 can be configured from 1MHz to 200MHz and can potentially be used as the local oscillator for a transverter.

The clock generator in the Hermes-Lite 2.0 is the 5P49V5923. A detailed description of the device registers is found in the programming guide.

You would also need the N2ADR board and I would strongly advise to also add the enclosure.

I have one running since about 2 years and with SparkSDR (non open source SDR software) it decodes many modes many bands in parallel.

It can also run HPSDR as it uses that protocol.

See my spots on with version = 'SparkSDR' for comparison to other decoders, for some reason I do about 20% of all SparkSDR spots even though there are a lot more stations using this hardware