Feedback of unusual fault today...


Happy new year to everybody...

As I was focused on family matters today, I didn't pay attention to what happened with the wsprdaemon-receivers. This afternoon however I was astonished of rather less spots than usual reported - especially 40m and up was lacking considerably.
At first I thought some problem with the antenna or feed system occurred, however I found a rather unusual error message I have never seen before.

I checked the file

It showed the following message:
tr: write error: Broken pipe
tr: write error: Broken pipe
tr: write error
/home/on5kq/wsprdaemon/ line 3420: echo: write error: Broken pipe

I stopped wsprdaemon with -z

Note: before stopping wsprdaemon only the first line was showing in the upload.log file.... The next three lines were added after I stopped wsprdaemon

Then I restarted WD again with -a
and as result all works normal again now.

However according to Phil's website there was a 90min gap, where there was no upload at all from ON5KQ
Strange also, that there was nothing stored locally on my PC, not yet uploaded, but waiting for upload.

I want to report it, as it might be important to help the system get more robust ( <--> <--> VK7JJs site and others

I have no idea where this problem came from... may be another glitch at ??

Ulli, ON5KQ