Booming signals on 10m here in Europe


Many US-based and Canada based FM-relais at arround 29Mhz also with S9+20db on the Kiwi antennas... 16h utc now
High sunspot time....
Enjoy! Have nice weekend
Ulli, ON5KQ

Glenn Elmore

And look at it today/right now!  Wow.

John Loftus

Thanks Glenn,

Wow !!!
Certainly my best 10m conditions since bottom of solar cycle.
My reported distance from Brisbane Australia exceeded 3.3 million Km
That made my day.

Glenn, I like your MUF chart.
Please send me a link to those MUF charts.

73, John VK4CT
Scatter chart shows cumulative spots received from six continents during 24 hour period on the 10m band.