Atomic Pi


I would like to use Atomic Pi to run Wsprdaemon. I am having problems getting started.
Atonic Pi comes with Lubuntu 18.04, the current version is 20.04. I have not found any documentation for 18.04.
I have been able to change the startup password. When I try to set a static IP I am asked for the Root password.
I have tried the common I know. null, and Root did not work.  Does anyone know the startup Root PW?


Stu C


Thank you Stu.
The common  passwd root command worked well.
Now I am on to my next problem: I cannot set a static IP4 address. I have used the Preference | Network connections pannels
but the system does not honor my settings. I still have a DHCP assignment. I have posted this issue over on the Atomicpi forum but
I am hoping there are more active users here that might know the magic required. I tried to use the root ID but I get
"mesg: ttyname failed: inappropriate loctl for device".