Inovato running WD

Jim Lill

Without mods it easily runs WD up to 4 wspr bands. Care has to be taken for more, perhaps add a small fan. It runs out of CPU at 6 maybe 7.

A simple install works but the latest wsjt-x does not install lacking finding a pkg to install. I am investigating that.

this command gives run stats /etc/update-motd.d/30-armbian-sysinfo

Paul WB6CXC (tech-blog:

Running "apt-get install wsjtx" on the Quadra installs wsjtx v2.3.0.  I think the latest is v2.6.1.  I also had the missing package issue when trying to install from the repository.  It looks like the older version does what I need, but I haven't checked to see what the newest version adds / fixes.