wsprnet mode changes

Jim Lill

what if anything needs to be done on WD sites or sites that scrape form given the changes announced on wsprnet concerning mode mapping

Rolf Ekstrand

That probably explain why  my FST4W transmissions  have not shown on wsprnet since yesterday.  As some of you know, I have been test running my QDX on 20  (have not upgraded PI wsjt-x to 2,6 yet). 
Anyway, I am packing up my gear tomorrow going to EM60eg so why it did not happen investigation have to wait until I am down there by the weekend.   


Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

Follow the changes I think ...

As wsjtx is seen as the source of everything that is what is doing and the rest of the world follows suit.

The ugly thing remains that at due to database data format restrictions a 2 digit code is compressed into 1 digit.