New code which requires 100% CPU patch code to be configured on

Rob Robinett

While it appears this patch works,  by making it the default some users who don't need it are forced to install ssh and configure it.
Since the majority of users don't need this patch, I have just checked in code which changes the default to "no auto-ssh'
The use of the new configuration variable is described in these lines which I added to 'wd_template.conf'

### In June 2022, code introduced into Debian/Ubuntu/RaperryPi OS caused many Linux services and applications to break if there was not at least one active ssh session to the server
### The program which WD uses to record wav files from the Kiwis is among the applications which was broken by this Linux bug.
### To work around this bug, WD can be configured to open an ssh session to itself.  This is a very lightweight use of CPU, memory and IP, but it requires that the ssh server be installed and running on
### the WD server.  Some distros, most notibly the recent Sept 22,2022 update of the RaspberryOS 'buster' and 'bullseye' suffer from this Linux bug and don't by default enable their ssh servers.
### So on WD clients which suffer from the 100% CPU and/or Kiwis show sessions constantly restarting, this line should be uncommented and if needed the OS should be configured to run ssh
# WD_NEEDS_SSH="yes"

For those of you who needed this Linux patch, you will need to add this line to your WD.conf file before your next Linux reboot:


Until your next Linux reboot you can run and restart WD and safely 'git pull' WD.  The auto-ssh will continue to run even if you haven't modified your WD.conf file