FST4W Transmitter Change


At 0000Z I switched back to the RFZero from the Flex 6600M. The RFZero is powered by a wall wart now so I can shut down the computer.

Steve KD2OMĀ 

Bo, OZ2M


Well, some good RFzero news. I just placed an order for the long missing MCUs. So now I am wanting for paying for them and the shipment. I paid a visit to the EMS on Monday, and I have a handshake for production in the beginning of December.

I had a look at the FST4W type 2 message encoding last night and it will be included in the next release for sure.

An alternative to the RFzero is the Next Generation Beacons platform: https://rudius.net/oz2m/ngnb/index.htm It is not 100 times more expensive only 10 dB, but it is 20 dB better.

www.rudius.net/oz2m :: www.rfzero.net


At 1040UTC I switched the transmitter to the Flex 6600M. It is GPS locked. I set the power level to the same as the RFZero board as close as I could. Hopefully since it cost nearly 100 times as much as the RFZero it should be better. It is on the same antenna.

Steve KD2OM