Checking Kiwi software update availability appears to FORCE update to v 1.559

Erwin - PE3ES - F4VTQ

I have sdr_hw=KiwiSDR v1.557; this morning I checked the availability of new software via the admin console. It showed a new version 1.559 and after that directly -- without my intervention -- started to update.

Wed Sep  7 08:10:34 00:00:38.988 ........          L UPDATE: version changed, current 1.557, new 1.559
Wed Sep  7 08:10:34 00:00:38.992 ........          L UPDATE: building new version..

It looks as if the function Automatically check for software updates? YesNo (in my case YES), does not work as I always have to do this manually

but the function Automatically install software updates? (it is on YES, although I keep it as a standard on NO ??), does work

How is that ?




Glenn Elmore

Mine seems to work OK with 'Automatically Install' set to "no". It doesn't update.