Fiber for your LAN

Jim Lill

For a year, I've used a pair of these

to connect my "radio room" to my "IT closet", a 20m run to the other end of the basement.

At the radio end, I used a Linksys switch for the 4 kiwisdr and the GSP/ntp server, all of which were near the antenna ingress point.

Today, i changed over to

Which replaced one of the media converters and the Linksys switch. It runs off my existing 12V linear supply

Whether it reduces CMI or "bit spray" is hard to tell but it is a pretty tidy installation and reasonable in cost.



Andrew Cowan

Interesting as fiber is the best for data. Next generation Kiwi with fiber link
Looking myself at reducing noise and looking for ideas on suppressing network POE  cameras.
First change is putting screened network cable on, will ferrite help anywhere on this system?