Elmer G Musser

The HF bands, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 80 are IMHO GPS stabilized with homebrew hardware.  The amplifier I am driving is now holding.  SWR is not great so power (EIRP) is taking a hit.  That said Tom WA2TP local to me is now coping all bands and modes.  He is my station monitor. TNX Tom.


Once I return from a quick trip I will return 630M and 2200M. 

160M is up but not stabilized.  Transmitting all modes in sequence.

Updating all will take a little time. 


The sequence on HF remains the same.  On some occasions the system skips a band/mode.  I’ll be looking at software to capture transmission events to have a record available.  Looking to fix issue as well.  My guess is GPS is getting hammered and I then wait to see valid GPS flag return.


73’s N3AGE / Elmer

QTH Long Island NY 15 minutes north of the North Shore  


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