GM0UDL Upgrading questions

Andrew Cowan


Great stuff with wsprdaemon working of FST4W and other sources so UDL is upgrading continuing the obsession of multiple RX.

Ordering a Ryzen 7 mini pc to use on LInux and use for wsprdaemon, as at the moment 2 pi4's with 2 kiwis rasp sdr and flydog
Question which linux, version was thinking of mint?
Also hoping to use my RSPduo and RSPdx with Pi4's using the soapy server?
The plan with having great results on FST4W on 136 and 474 last winter use my RSPdx for that, will this work on multiple frequencies using the soapy server?
With the RSPdx and the soapy server will this be able to use both receivers and multiple modes?

Looking for you input.
Andrew  GM0UDL