New -A and -Z command line options in WD 3.0.2

Rob Robinett

I almost always execute 'wd -a' to start WD and 'wd -z' to stop it.

However if you want to have WD start automatically after power-up or reboot, then execute 'wd -A'.  It configures Linux to run WD at startup and then executes the 'systemctl start wsprdaemon' command which would run at that time.
After 'WD -A'  you can 'wd -s', 'wd -z' and 'wd -a' if you want to make changes to your config file.
'wd -Z' will disable the automatic startup by running 'systemctl stop wsprdaemon' and then 'systemctl disable wsprdaemon' so that WD will not run at startup