noise data for wsprdaemon v3.0 - and other problem...


is it "normal", that currently there is no noise data shown at for spotters running wsprdaemon v3.0 ?

I cannot see any errors here at the client side running the new V 3.0a and noise data file is uploaded correctly, by my noise data is not shown at

Another issue is, that even previously with vers 2.10 running, wsprdaemon noise data comparison did not work, when I try to compare ON5KQ Kiwi_1 with ON5KQ Kiwi 2 running a different antenna.
The goal in that case was to compare the reception performance of two different antennas with same spotter callsign using a merged setup
In that case I would expect the SNR difference close to zero DB and no curve at the bottom infinity....

What is wrong here ?

Ulli, ON5KQ