Wsprdaemon location error (mine) & noise reporting

Bruce KX4AZ

After a bit of a struggle with naming conventions for my remote receiver site 'KX4AZ/T' at EN74gc, I was able to get wsprdaemon going yesterday on the Pi4, so that spots are now being reported from my new KiwiSDR. A huge thank you to Rob for creating/maintaining this software!

Alas, I just discovered that I entered the wrong location (EN73hx versus true location of EN74gc) into the conf file for wsprdaemon.  It's only about a 9 mile location error - and is the location where I am currently running a 'KX4AZ' transmitter at about 10 microwatts RF output (a separate "story").  I have just corrected the location error and rebooted the Pi.

It bothers me a bit that I have "polluted" the WSPR database with a location error like that, but at least it is not a gross location error, as in another US state(!).  But I also enabled noise reporting yesterday, first using 'KX4AZ/T', eventually changing it to 'KX4AZ-T' after realizing that the '/' character might be problematic, as it was for the receiver name.  Before I go any further, I wanted to ask if the noise data are being reported properly to the database (albeit with the location error that I have just fixed).  And secondarily, since I have not yet done any calibration for the antenna setup, I want to make sure I am not "polluting" the noise database by enabling this feature while I am still studying/learning about it.  I am happy to shut it off if that would be beneficial.

Gwyn Griffiths

Hello Bruce
Your noise data are being reported to the database. There's lots of documentation on on how to query the database, but a quick query brings up the following as a few recent lines on 40 m:

tutorial=# select * from wsprdaemon_noise_s where site like 'KX4AZ%' and band='40' order by time desc limit 15;

        time         |  site   | receiver | rx_grid | band | rms_level | c2_level | ov |  seqnum  


 2021-10-16 14:56:00 | KX4AZ/T | KX4AZ_1  | EN74gc  | 40   |   -132.02 |  -143.22 |  0 | 25616876

 2021-10-16 14:54:00 | KX4AZ/T | KX4AZ_1  | EN74gc  | 40   |   -134.97 |  -142.96 |  0 | 25616570

 2021-10-16 14:52:00 | KX4AZ/T | KX4AZ_1  | EN74gc  | 40   |   -129.19 |  -142.62 |  0 | 25615900

 2021-10-16 14:50:00 | KX4AZ/T | KX4AZ_1  | EN74gc  | 40   |   -127.36 |  -144.05 |  0 | 25615125

You will see that the site name, as set in your wsprdaemon.conf for the upload id, is still as /T and not -T in this listing.
However, it is as -T in the webpage with your noise graphs at

Any rigorous calibration of antenna system and local noise is so fraught with problems and pitfalls, there is no real need to be concerned about "polluting" the noise database. If someone is really serious about using your noise data I am sure they would get in touch to learn more about your setup etc.

best wishes
Gwyn G3ZIL


Bruce KX4AZ

Thank you for the quick feedback, happy to know the noise data is being uploaded & with the correct location.  Doesn't matter to me whether it is -T or /T, either way it helps me distinguish the location from my other ones.  And yes, I have a LOT of studying to do with all of the information available at the wsprdaemon web site.
Bruce KX4AZ