WD 3.0 development status and plans

Rob Robinett

Hi Rolf,

I resumed daily work on WD 3.0 about 2 weeks ago and have just about finished the very extensive software restructuring work.  Wspr.rocks queries show my WD_3.0a alpha code running reliably at AI6VN (a Pi in my office listening on a KFS Kiwi), KFS, and AI6VN/KH6.

So far the only new user-level functionality is support for reverse-proxy access to the user's WD server.  In contrast to the Kiwi, this remote access feature is OFF by default, but it can be enabled by adding a variable declaration on your conf file.  When enabled, this reverse proxy feature will give me ssh access to your WD server without requiring port forwarding, while utilizing several levels of security that minimizes the possibility of hacker access to your server.

My next development priority is to add support for decodes of FST4W packets which I hope will take me no more than a couple of weeks to finish development and debug.  When FST4W is working I will start beta testing at all of the sites which have offered me remote access.  When it is reasonably well tested, that will become the first general release of 3.0 and I plan to make that the default github download.

Next in the feature list is SoapyAPI support for other SDRs, but beta testing for that will probably follow the first 3.0 release by a month or more.  Like FST4W, much of the SoapyAPI code exists in the current WD sources but hasn't been integrated and debugged.

I am pleased to see that 38 WD users have upgraded to v2.10k which gives me some visibility into the WD user base.  And seeing so many responsive WD users encourages me to continue to invest my time in the project.

Stay tuned to this forum where I will keep WD users informed of development events.


On Sat, Aug 21, 2021 at 11:06 AM Rolf Ekstrand <rekstrand@...> wrote:
Hi Rob,

I know Murphy was an optimist and that even the best plans do not last through the battle. How well do I know from years in the trenches. 
Just curious here how you are doing as I am working on my "upgrade" plans.  

Rolf  K9DZT

Rolf Ekstrand


Thanks for the info and the work you are doing.