How to configure RTL_SDR

Hidehiko Komachi - JA9MAT

Thanks Rob quickly reply!

OK all about RTL_SDR issues, I will continue to looking for your progress to resolve it.

"Wsprdaemon" is the best for energy saving wspr receiving.

73 and thanks for nice project, JA9MAT Hidehiko. 

Rob Robinett

Welcome Hidehiko,

The RTL-SDR support in WD V2.x is very experimental and even I haven't used it in many months.
'wd -i' is used with baseband AUDIO input devices which is functional but to use it you will need to attach one or more USB audio input dongles.
In WD v3.x I am adding full support for RTL-SDRs and any other SDRs which have ;SoapyAPI' drivers with the primary goal of having WD support the VHF/UHF bands not supported by the Kiwi. 
However I have foudn that the RTL-SDR drivers tune very inaccurately by WSPR requirements.  When I program a GSPDO driven RTL-SDR to tune up 1 Hz, it may jump up 400 Hz or down 200 Hz. 
I suspect that WSPR users of RTL-SDRs are able to fiddle with their tuning and get WSPR decoding to work, but I haven't been able to find a SW algorithm which can do that tuning adjustment.
So until I (or someone else) finds a way to work around that problem, I don't think RTL-SDRs are going to be useful with WD.


Hidehiko Komachi - JA9MAT

I began to install and connect two of RTL_SDR at RaspberryPi 3B+.
I configure wsprdaemon.comf to active two of RTL_SDR and run wsprdaemon correctly.
But nothing seems to happen.

So I check audio devices by "./ -i".
Then the following message returned.

Audio input devices:

**** List of CAPTURE Hardware Devices ****


Can't find any audio INPUT devices on this server

I don't understand the configuration about RTL_SDR deeply.
So if there is a sample wsprdaemon.conf file for RTL_SDR ?
Sorry but have no KiwiSDR yet.

73, JA9MAT Hidehiko.