3.0.4 now corrects the .1 Hz low frequency reported by GPS-aided Kiwis

Rob Robinett

I have just checked in an enhancement which by default adds .1 Hz to the spot frequencies uploaded to wsprnet and wsprdaemon. That addition corrects the spot frequency error introduced by the difference between the 12001.1 sample per second rate of the audio wav files created by the Kiwi and the 12000 sample rate expected by the wsprd and jt9 decoders.
With that enhancement, the spot frequencies reported by the vast majority of Kiwis which use its standard GPS-aided oscillator will closely match those reported by Kiwis fed by a Bodnar GPSDO.

My final planned enhancement in 3.0.4 will be to report FST4W spots with the same .1 Hz resolution as are being reported for WSPR-2 spots.  That enhancement should be checked in later this week.