Rob Robinett

At the suggestion of Holger OE9GHV, I have moved the location of WD's temporary files from /tmp/wpsrdaemon to /dev/shm/wsprdaemon.
The /dev/shm file system is created automatically and its size scaled to a percentage of the total RAM on the server.
Since /dev/shm is automatically created at a size appropriate for the system, using it avoids the dreaded 'Your /tmp/wsprdaemon/ file system is too small' message.
Of course on a server with 8 GB of RAM, and config with many ':F30' bands might require more /dev/shm space than is available.

So if you are interested it adding FST4W decodes, add ',W2:F2:F5:F15:F30' to your current schedule entries, run 'wd -s' and if there is no complaint then that schedule will run.

I changed the version of WD to so as to indicate code with this small change in it.

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