Sdrplay RSP1A



Is anyone using Wsprdaemon with an Sdrplay RSP1A?  If so, I would be interested in your configuration and if you managed to get it to work with more than one simultaneous receive? 

Having got my Kiwisdr up and running and playing nicely with Wsprdaemon, I happened upon a used RSP1A at a price it would be rude to refuse.  Main intention is to use it for VHF/.UHF monitoring, but when I'm not around I was wondering if I could usefully employ to add a couple more bands to my WSPR setup.  Have a nice Minicircuits 3dB splitter, so sharing the antenna is sorted already.

 Ran WSJT-X on a laptop for many years so I know I can do it that way, but in 2020, soon to be 2021, I reckon there has to be a better way than messing around with virtual soundcards, virtual serial ports for CAT control and all that malarkey....

Few thought so far include running on the same Pi as wsprdaemon (but maybe it would run out of grunt), on a second Pi (probably preferable) or on an old laptop (less than ideal).  I did wonder about giving the newly revitalized OpenwebRX a try on the second Pi  but I assume that OpenwebRX and the Kiwisdr are sufficiently divergent that Wsprdaemon could not interface with it in the same way as it does with the Kiwi..

Anyway, enough rambling.  Interested in any thoughts or experience from the group.


              Rob (G7ELK)

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