Re: WD 3.0.3 is now available and is the preferred and stable release

Rob Robinett

 I am running an experiment with WB6YRW who has been sending FST4W-1800 on 160M.   

Decoding of FST4W is much more efficient than WSPR, so Unless you are running WD On a Pi,  I think you can try decoding all modes and encourage beacon stations to try all modes to see what works.  

There have been so few FST4W rx stations that there has been very little use of that mode.  Now with 30+ WD rx sites listening for all the FST4W modes, hopefully tx stations will be encouraged to use it and we will see some new propagation paths reported. 

On Tue, Jun 14, 2022 at 1:09 PM Edward Hammond <manager@...> wrote:
This is great.  Thank you Rob.

So what are opinions on what a reasonable selection of FST4W decoding to use at this point?

I have started with:

2200 - W2:F2:F5:F15:F30
630 - W2:F2:F5:F15
160 - W2:F2:F5
80 - W2:F2:F5

Other bands are default.



W3ENR (listening) / K3WRG (beacon)

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