WD 3.0.3 is now available and is the preferred and stable release

Rob Robinett

This morning I changed the version number of WD to WD 3.0.3 and checked it in as the 'master' version.
WD had been running on 32 beta sites, and now the 21 sites to which I have remote access are running 3.0.3.
I encourage the 11 sites still running 3.0.2.x to upgrade to 3.0.3.
There are also 20 sites running WD 2.x and I also encourage them to upgrade to 3.0.3.
If you have problems with an upgrade, 3.0 includes a configurable Remote Access feature which when enabled allows me to access your WD server without the need for you to make any modifications to your Wifi router or other Internet access equipment.

In addition to many, many bug fixes, WD 3.0 supports decoding of the FST4W transmission modes introduced in WSJT-x 2.3.0.

With 3.0 released, I will turn my software development efforts towards adding support for other SDRs like the RedPitaya, SDRPlay and AIRSpy.

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