Re: Kiwi connections not going away

Chris Mackerell

Hi Rob

I'm already on

It looks like only the WSPR decoding process is getting killed:

wsprdaemon@wsprdaemon:/tmp/wsprdaemon/recording.d/KIWI_1/10$ more decoding_daemon_kill_handler.log
Fri 03 Jun 2022 03:09:07 PM NZST: decoding_daemon_kill_handler() running in /tmp/wsprdaemon/recording.d/KIWI_1/10 with pid 941 i
s processing SIGTERM to stop decoding on KIWI_1,10
Fri 03 Jun 2022 03:09:07 PM NZST: Successful: 'kill_wav_recording_daemon running as pid 941 for KIWI_1 10 => 0

but there is still a running and writing
.wav files to /tmp/wsprdaemon/recording.d/KIWI_1/10

   5464 ?        S      0:00 sudo nice --adjustment=-40 python3 -u /home/wsprdaemon/wsprdaemon/kiwiclient/ --freq=28124.6 --server-port=8077 --OV --user=wsprdaemon_v3.0.2.6 --password=NULL --agc-gain=60 --quiet --no_compression --modulation=usb --lp-cutoff=1340 --hp-cutoff=1660 --dt-sec=60

Cheers, Chris

On 2022-06-03 16:11, Rob Robinett wrote:
Hi Chris,

Run 'git pull' to get the latest version of 3.0 after which  'wd -V' should print

In beta testing I found that on busy servers the process which records the wav files was being interrupted by other programs and as a result there were corrupted wav files.  To address that problem I raised the program priority  of the kiwirecorder jobs, but they have to run as user 'root', so the schedule change must 'sudo kill ...' to them.  With that change those zombie kiwirecorder jobs should be killed.

There is still a lot of log file 'noise' associated with these changes and I am working to clean that up.



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