Kiwi connections not going away

Chris Mackerell


I run a sliding schedule of bands that connect to my KiwiSDRs.

The connections to the Kiwis are not going away at the end
of a scheduled timeframe any more. New connections start all right,
but at the end they don't close completely.

"wd -s" doesn't show the jobs, but the Kiwi admin window still
shows connections. If I "kick" them from there they come
straight back up.

If I shut down wd I get lots of meaningless (to me anyway!)
messages about zombies running around the place.

This used to all work fine, but my Kiwis are now filling
up with unwanted connections at the wrong time of day.
I'm not 100% when this started going wrong, but suspect
it was around when v3 was merged into the master branch.

I've been running "wd -l e" but nothing appears there.

Running on Intel-based Ubuntu.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Chris

Chris Mackerell, 217 Sandy Bay-Marahau Road, Marahau
RD 2, Motueka 7197, New Zealand chris@...

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